Religions – My POV

I was praying for the safety and health of my beloved ones. With so many bad things going on nowadays, I just want these people around me to be walking in the right, safe place. I was on the prayer mat when I had this particular thought. I am praying to the universe, hoping that […]

The Best of You

Remind me how does being in your best state feels like? Waking up feeling great being in your own skin? Excited to face the day? Internally grateful? Because right now, I feel like I am at my worst self. I am losing my patience, my conscious, my common senses, my kindness and most goods I […]

Why Does Good People Walk Out from Your Life?

Its true what they said, sometimes its not what you do, its what you did not do. I have to admit, when i care for someone, I have expectations. I heard this somewhere that say something like “when you truly care or love someone, you do things for them, and you expect nothing back in […]

How to Get Over a Heartbreak

  First thing first, you don’t. I think when bad things happen to us, we hope to make it go away as fast as it could. Some, may be asking themselves why those things happen, what wrong have they done to deserve it. Then, only after that some of us realize that things can be […]