Religions – My POV

I was praying for the safety and health of my beloved ones. With so many bad things going on nowadays, I just want these people around me to be walking in the right, safe place. I was on the prayer mat when I had this particular thought. I am praying to the universe, hoping that […]

My Worklife!

Do you think it is possible for a person to change so much in a few weeks time? People could change overnight, in less than an hour, or less! Uhuh nope, this is not going to be a blog of me babbling about how feelings could change or so. I am stagged at how it […]

Episode 1 : Great Advises Anyone?

Have you ever walked in a coffee place, trying to comfort yourself and struggling to look as cool and professional as anyone else in the area? Although they’re playing good songs, you still pull out your earphone just because, you’re trying to deafen yourself from listening to everybody else’s laughter. You get paranoid because you […]