Global Goals In School, Pilot School Syndication, Teacher’s Centralized Training

I was a part of Unicef’s initiative in applying Global Citizenship Education in School. Also known as Global Goals in School. In my previous video, we’ve seen how the student in Seri Puteri Kuala Lumpur reacted to the applied project-based lesson in their textbook’s syllabus. My colleagues from Arus Education, Felicia Yoon, Alina Amir, Azrina […]

Draft: Not all is well

We talk 3 months back now who is that come by to my house so you said today I don’t feel like puh-laying nice Just cause I never tell not all is well   see, I’m not your second choice I don’t like to be an option don’t find me when you’re lonely dee dee […]

Move on,

Fourteen torn papers, with a slow nostalgic song playing in the drum of the ears. It took her years to learn that it is hard to write a letter. Especially when it contains words she really wanted to say, so much to pour and she ends up decided not to write anything. “How can you […]

A letter to a Daughter

If I am going to have a daughter, this will be my letter to her.   I think about you, mostly every day before you were born before you even get to be sent down to this earth As I’m pouring this out before I forgot you are up there talking to god   My […]

So How’s Life?

So, how’s life? Did you often meet your friends who you have not seen in a while and got the question “So How’s Life”? And you’re just stunt there for 3 or 5 seconds before you break the silence and started to go “uhh emm Like that la” Well what if i ask you how […]