Summer in Paris!

Our flight was scheduled at 2am (KUL Time), we reached KLIA1 3 hours earlier, wandering here and there but there was nothing much to see. We got our plugs thingy for chargers and stuff at the airport. You’d probably want to buy one at DIY or elsewhere because It would obviously be a lot cheaper. […]

How to keep a marriage Exciting

  Lately, on Twitter, I saw quite a lot of saddening stories about failed marriages, abusive husbands, cheaters and so on. I have so many opinions on that but I do understand that every situation is different. Some women have the courage to stand up for themselves. Some, maybe are stuck in a situation that […]

How to Get Over a Heartbreak

  First thing first, you don’t. I think when bad things happen to us, we hope to make it go away as fast as it could. Some, may be asking themselves why those things happen, what wrong have they done to deserve it. Then, only after that some of us realize that things can be […]