What I learned This Year – 2018 Wrapped Up

A recap of my 2018:

It is only now that I really believe when people say, there are too many things that could happen in a year. Those things that happen can either make or break us. Ready enough, I do hope some of these things I realised may be beneficial to you.

Starting a Business: Kashmeer Kanopi, February 2018

Starting a business is a big deal, especially when you throw up all your savings (Daneesh’s) and used up all my dowry in a single transaction.

  1. Little-little becomes big: If only we started small, say buy up to only 3 canopies max instead of 6. As for extra orders, it can always be rent out to our fellow contacts. We could have tune down a lot of our physical work, time and stresses. But we are young and in a rush. Our planning was merely solid, and we listened to an old wolf for advice.
  2. It’s not business if it’s not profitable: That old man wasn’t helping us, He’s using us for his own benefit. Playing by margin is a good go for a highly competitive business, not for laborious work. don’t settle for half the price just to lock all year dates. That’s suicidal. He may have been the kick to our start. But thanks to the old man, we now know who can’t be trusted.
  3. Talk is trash: If it’s not on paper, it never happens, it’s not going to happen.

Kashmeer Kanopi is a priceless experience for us. It is still here today, and it will be still.


Marriage: February 2018 – Just the Don’ts

I wasn’t happy with my wedding ceremony, at all. these are the things I should’ve considered.

  1. It’s not a social event: I had quite a number of close friends during my studies. But honestly, not all of them matter. I tend to want them to come because I haven’t seen them in a while and I miss them. But it’s not like I get to ask how they were like good old days. Honestly, it is so hard to see them later after too. So, is it really worth it? Inviting former classmates or cohorts are just to flatter both parties. They’re only happy for you once,  the following days, none of them care anymore. Invitations should’ve been given only to those who you’ll meet up again in a week or two for a coffee and chat. Btw, there will be plenty of wedding to attend soon. (You may even get sick of getting invitations)
  2. It’s not business: Since we got married right after started Kashmeer Kanopi ( what a time) I saw people as an opportunity to connect. I like giving people a win-win situation. I don’t benefit people for my sole need. I make sure they get something in return too. Just, don’t do it at your wedding. Especially if it has anything to do with your face.
  3. Avoid “friendly” service: Really, you don’t want your friend to do a service for you, on your wedding day. They may be talented, they say you pay less, but honestly, it’s harder to compromise with a friend. One wrong foot, you might lose the hood.
  4. Bridesmaid is just for the photo: Just.


Work: The goes and off – Jan, Feb, June

since I quit my study in mid-2017, I started to do a lot of freelances. If you’re facing the same problem as me (inconsistency). Do rethink of doing a freelance job. In my case, I took interest in a lot of things and I get bored easily. I’m learning to commit, I wanted to be a perfectionist, I want to be firm. But those are my New Year resolution.

It was chaotic and myosotis at the same time. One problem about losing myself is getting them back. I’ve been a wanderer, I lost my kindness, empathy and a lot of qualities that I was proud of in between the months. I am feeling a little better now since I started working with Arus. In so many ways, I can feel that I’m creating a new me, better than the last time I liked me.

  1. Whos taking care of who: Having my own business, I know now that as an employer, we need to make sure our employee is getting well-taken care of. Truth be told, they are the main players in Kashmeer Kanopi. Without them, we really can’t do much. But I am also an employee. If your epf isn’t covered, hop on to another.
  2. Smile is the key: Smile can really make people like you. Say, interviewee, future employer, potential clients. Practice smiling when you’re nervous.
  3. You don’t take on a roller coaster every day:  Some days are bright, some days are gloomy. But hey, hasn’t it always been like that?
  4. Exemplary: Work as hard as a Chinese, Socialize and inspire like a Malay
  5. It’s not me, it’s them: What are you serving in work? other than paying my bills and rent for myself, my work teaches me to work for others. Choose who you really want to work for carefully. who do you want to help?


WhatsApp Image 2018-08-14 at 1.17.38 PM (2)

Travel: Oh Eiffel Tower – July

  1. Research: Get to know the culture faux pas,  what tricks pickpockets are pulling and how can you make the local welcome you
  2. It’s just another City: Buildings and architecture are different, but that’s what a man can make. visit the scene, go for nature.
  3. The early bird catches the worms: I’m lucky Daneesh is a morning person. we get to spend more time in the day.


Further Degree: September

As mentioned earlier, I did quit my study last year for some internal reasons. if you’re thinking because I wanted to get married, you thought wrong. everything just fell accordingly. But then, after a year of ups and downs, I decided that I am so going to get my degree and strive for higher education. For knowledge, self-improvement, career development and self-satisfaction. No one forced me to. Here I am, in the midst of the Final exam, curating a blog when I should be revising.

  1. Love the Process: I never knew part-time study would be this fun. I thought of the time it will take for me to finish. but along the way, I realised that I love the process. Knowing that I will get there but at this current moment, I am earning, and sustaining like everybody else. It feels good to do two things at a time (despise other things that are also going on)
  2. No Drama: Technically I only see my classmates twice in a month. There’s nothing much to talk about other than assignments.
  3. No more last minute work: I’ve had enough during diploma years. Procrastinating and burning the midnight oil. I learned to start from the soil. I wasn’t proud with myself, but I know I will for the upcoming semester.


Buying our first House – October

With a Thousand ringgit as a deposit, we booked a condo. Just to wait before we cancelled the booking and settled for a double storey. I’ve always thought that i wanted the sleek young couple lifestyle. But here are the things i told myself so that i agree with Daneesh wanted to change a new fancy area to a 15-year-old house.

  1. More green space: The unit we first booked was on the 5th floor, which is the floor to direct access to parks, leisure area and clubhouse. if we open the sliding door, we do have a direct green area to look at. But, it’s not privately ours.
  2. Grocery: will be made easy. We won’t hassle carrying our veggies and meats all the way to the lift, up to the door while having troubles looking for keys.
  3. They are good salespeople: Chinese salesman in the property industry is really really good. a weak heart like mine feels so guilty with the condo’s cancellation.
  4. Research: A lot of research has been done. Go to Mudah.my, property website, price listing, etc etc.


Daneesh’s First Car

Of course, I don’t contribute much so I wouldn’t really call it “our” car. Besides, I’ve always had my “scarlet” Axia. But maybe some of you might see me cruising on a Wagon once in a while. nothing much to learn from here. Just another achievement in the year I guess. (don’t know how getting tied to a loan is considered an achievement)



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