Feels wheels the thrills

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How you feel determines your day. You ever wonder why good things keep on happening to positive people and bad things never stop beating the sh** out of you? the real struggle is, to feel good when inside you are drying out of energy, trust and beliefs. You just want to lock yourself up. I mean, you feel bad inside, why bother pretending to look good, to be good, right?

So you look up on google, “How to make myself feel better?”.Β Mr Google shall give you answers such as making peace with yourself, go out with your friends, share your feelings, do good deeds, donate, exercise, yada yada. But my question is, Do you want to feel better? because honestly when I don’t feel good. I just want to drown myself down in bed, I want to listen to sad songs, eat junk food and be a b**ch to everybody. Hoping that tomorrow I’ll miraculously wake up feeling good, my bad chapter is over, I’m flipping to a new page. I mean that could happen if you are a person made out of a super strong mentality and mindset and can re-tune your head overnight. For normal people, dream on!

Find your roots. What are the reasons why you feel what you feel? It may be because of something you have been holding up for too long. it is usually the small bubbles you never paid attention to when they pop out. If it is something obvious, say failed papers, breakups or even death then these write-ups might not be for you. I want to talk about unnoticed small things. Just like how little thing such as holding hands, smiles, cheap chocolates, late night drive can make a person fall in love, or be genuinely happy, that same goes to what caused the shitty feels.

It is normal to feel that way sometimes. Anxieties happen to anyone, anytime. The problem is when you have realised all your cause but not starting your gear up yet. emptiness can swallow you like a quicksand. What are the simple things that may help you feel a little at ease? mine is writing. Hence I am here. It’s hard, but it’s working. Trust the process and good luck! πŸ™‚



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