A letter to a Daughter

If I am going to have a daughter,

this will be my letter to her.


I think about you, mostly every day before you were born

before you even get to be sent down to this earth

As I’m pouring this out before I forgot

you are up there talking to god


My girl, I cannot wait to have you

to have a better version of me

from you, I seek early apologies

if slowly I’m turning you into everything I want to be


My dear, you’re still not here

because your mother and father only want what’s best

to welcome you with comfort

to provide you with better foods, shelter, and clothes

you won’t be like any other

you will be incredible, our supergirl


There are so many things that I fear

to have you, in particular,

they said the pain is unbearable

hence I am here to consider


that is why “He” gave us sisters

we rather go through hell for love

the one love that is eternal

a love of a mother to a daughter









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