Summer in Paris!

Our flight was scheduled at 2am (KUL Time), we reached KLIA1 3 hours earlier, wandering here and there but there was nothing much to see. We got our plugs thingy for chargers and stuff at the airport. You’d probably want to buy one at DIY or elsewhere because It would obviously be a lot cheaper. Regarding the internet and calls, we bought a France sim card at CDG airport. Let’s not skip any part yet. I want to talk about our 13 hours flight. (5hrs to Dubai – 6 hrs to France) roughly I think, I slept most of the time. We fly with Emirates, although we’re in the economy-class, it was very comfortable. I would suggest you bring a neck pillow for extra comfort. Food was good, we had two breakfast, considering the time zones, and one lunch.


As soon as we took our luggage at the airport, Daneesh went to call for our driver. The driver went around in the waiting area with an iPad, with Daneesh’s name on it Lol. It was like 15-30 mins of waiting for the driver’s arrival. He could not really speak English, but he knew where we’ll be transferred to. We were in the same van with an American Family, they were quite warm with me and Daneesh but a little sarcastic and mean towards the excited French driver because of his English Hahah. (not so nice) We reached Pavilion Villiers Etoille (hotel) at 3pm -ish, checked in, shower and straight away went out to explore! Since we didnt have so much time left, we straight away went to Musee du Louvre. We took the Metro, had dinner along the way of walking towards the museum, and spent roughly 2 hours inside. It was Friday, it’s the only day that it is open until 10pm. According to our given itinerary, our free museum ticket should be used on the next day, but since we are under the age of 26, we get to enter for free still. Just flash your passport if you’re still young!

The hotel we stayed in Paris was strategically placed. Its near to most attractions in Paris. BUT, there were no aircond! and during the day (which was the time we checked in) was scorching hot! It was hotter in the room than the outside. But worry not, the night was cool, they do have a standing fan, and if you’re visiting any time other than summer, the hotel would be just great. Their breakfast cost only 5 euro per person. croissants, bread and more croissants with jams, cheese, and butter. (if you’re a non-muslim you’ll get to enjoy the hams).

Ugh, I feel like I’ve typed too much, here are some more pictures we got. I take mostly videos, which I am too busy to start editing, I thought I’d do that last week but I really, don’t have the time. However, if you’re on my Instagram, you’ll be the first to see, soon!

2nd Day Photos : (itinerary in captions)

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-14 at 1.17.38 PM (2)
9am and already at Eiffel Tower. Crowds get crazy not long after we arrived. Didn’t use the skip the line because I’m not interested in going up the Eiffel.
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-14 at 1.17.38 PM
2nd day : cruising around Paris, Shopping! Zara & HnM was on super summer sale so… I knew that before I came so we didn’t really bring clothes Heheh

Monmarte is a great place for chocolates, cheese and all those kind of souvenirs things. Be very careful, lots of pickpockets here! We took the hop on-hop off bus. The buses have 3 color lines. Check your map and see which line hits the places you want to go. You can always hop off and change buses to visit more lines at any intersects color.

  • Blue line (on the map) goes around to Eiffel, cruise, anywhere nearby.
  • Red line cover Monmarte, Hardrock area, other other museums that I didn’t get off to, I forgot where else and i didnt get to go on the yellow line. This hop on and off bus is superbly helpful. Have a read on this. 


WhatsApp Image 2018-08-14 at 1.17.38 PM (1)
After a loooong tiring day, we decided to rest on a cruise. there are plenty of Dinner place to dine in by the river side. P/S: Photo was taken at 9pm

 That’s the end of Day two. Phewww. Day 3,4 and 5 were spent at Disneyland, Paris. The driver picked us up precisely at 9am, on our third day from the Villiers Hotel, straight to Kyriad Hotel, Disneyland. Kyriad Hotel is great! a very decent Hotel indeed, got aircond one! Hahah.

Breakfast is slightly expensive, but so much more foods here. Again, If you’re a non-muslim, You’ll get to enjoy all the sausages, porks and chicken *all smell sosososo good T.T* But for halal foods, no worries, there’s always bread, croissants, scrambled egg, pancakes and other non-meaty things. Breakfast buffet at Kyriad cost 12 Euro per person.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For Disneyland pass, You can go in and out in a day. What we did was went there in the morning for the rides (wearing ugly-ly casual) and came back later that evening with proper wear for Fine Dining at Walts (Spent 80 Euro for two just for dinner) but of well. Food was good, service was superb! You can either spend your night watching the spectacular fireworks (I swear I shed a tear, it was too beautiful) or you can watch Fantasmic something at Walt Studios. (which i missed)  Oh yeah, do your study on Disneyland as well. Or you can just download Disneyland’s app. Go for the big shows and try on the Extreme Rides.

4th day : We saved our Second day Disneyland Pass and went shopping at La Velle something (i forgot the name but its nearby Kyriad Hotel) We used uber to get there, other than cash, you can pay online too.


Last but not least, since our flight back is at 9pm, and we have until 5pm to kill, early in the morning, we checked out, kept our luggage in the luggage room, and went for more rides at Walts Disney!

Alright, its the end of the paragraph! Thanks for making it this far! The most important thing right.. I forgot to mention our allocations for this trip. I prepared RM2500, Daneesh had like RM3k something. In total, I held 550 Euro and Daneesh got around 700Euro if im not mistaken. Enough for fancy foods for 5 days and some hard cash to spend a little at Ted Baker, CK, Primark etc. But if you’re not planning to shop or stuff, yeah La Velle Village also offer stuff for you to buy for your loved ones. Kusmi Tea is also available there.

We booked our tour with Touristguide. Asia last year for RM5800 (for two pax). I think the price have increased for this year’s booking. The RM5800 5 days 4 night package Includes Round Flight Kul-Dubai, Dubai-CDG. Hotels were included, as well with transportation from airport-hotel, hotel-hotel and hotel-airport, museum pass, Eiffel pass, skip the line Notre Dame, hop-on hop off passes (chose one day) and cruise pass. Crazy worth it. We booked our next trip two weeks after we’re back from Paris hahah. Istanbul wait for us! Oh and, wait for my travel vlog. hoping I can start editing ASAP. *fingers cross*

Tips :

Please please please do some research about the country that you will be visiting, especially their cultures! (and especially France) It is important so that you won’t accidentally offend the local. A little people – study would help you in having a better, smoother trip. Here are some points that you should look up to ;

  1. Very basic French (how to greet, ask for a table, order food and thank you) because the French are not as bad as we thought if we know how to tackle them. Start with French, “Bonjour! parlez vous Anglais?” Practice this, it would be useful! You don’t just suddenly approach a Parisian in English because it will be considered, rude, and you’ll be just another ignorant tourist that no local actually want to help. But then, don’t be too friendly! and if possible, try not asking for help. Hahah
  2. Pickpockets in Paris, how to secure your belongings, pickpockets tricks, where they roam, safety in metro and everything regarding safety in France.
  3. Where to exactly visit. If you’re reading this because I posted a link on Touristguide.Asia ‘s facebook, and going to go on the same package that I did, worry not, just follow the itinerary given. Trust me, you don’t need the “oh I don’t want to do the touristy thing, I want to do the local things, feels more like a Parisian”. You ain’t got time for that. I spent a week researching places to go, I studied the map and travel distance and basically all but really, the itinerary in the package itself was worth it.
  4. Know the season. Well, I went during the summer, Summer was quite hot but at least we have more time to go about, and pictures are mostly satisfying! parks are opened longer, basically everything/everywhere gives you a few hour extra to explore. Not to forget, SUMMER SALES!!! But… bear in mind, there will be a lot of other tourists from other Europe’s country and the States. It’s both good and bad. Other tourist are usually more helpful, but beware, and be patient!
  5. For Touristguide. Asia’s client, Double, triple check your itinerary date. Especially your museum pass, Hop on-off, Eiffel tour skip the line and your cruise date pass date. Because some passes are stated to only be used on one particular date and some ticket/passes give you the leisure to choose when you want to use it.
  6. Start your day early. Paris is the most beautiful in the morning. Get some good breakfast and breathe the morning air 🙂


More of videos (igstory) on my instagram! @fayizafarhana or go to the link below. Leave a comment of your experience, tips, and tricks or if you have any questions, type em away! Thank you :)))

























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