Religions – My POV

I was praying for the safety and health of my beloved ones. With so many bad things going on nowadays, I just want these people around me to be walking in the right, safe place. I was on the prayer mat when I had this particular thought.

I am praying to the universe, hoping that the circle I am in, circulate positively. I am praying to the time, may bad timings do not envy. Then I said to myself, God controls what we cannot control. The rest is up to us. We cannot control the rotating stars, we cannot fast forward, stop or rewind the time, we may or may not have controls over weathers. (probably why destruction happens when men try to challenge mother nature)

Whatever god we pray to, we are praying for mostly the same thing, through a different medium, in different ways. We pray for good things, we hope bad things to be gone, we pray because we are thankful. God is in everything we cannot and will never have controls in. Despite our different beliefs, we are all the same.

The goods you do today is for today. I think that we are in charge of setting our mind for the better, for better things. “What we feel we attract, what we imagine we become.” – Dr. Murphy

It is wrong to judge a person based on what symbol they are wearing, which god they believe in or how they do their prayer. As long as they are a good person, good to others, do not harm people or badmouth anyone, they are indeed those who are blessed by the universe, by our creator.

Our thoughts are limited by fear of what we were told and taught since ever. We were warned that religion is a sensitive issue, that we shouldn’t speak of things that are not written in our holy books. Again I think, how is it wrong for a person to think differently if it is leading toward good causes?

We all do bad things to ourselves, no one is really a saint, but that is something we can change. I strongly believe in God and goodness. We seek forgiveness for yesterday, we are thankful for today, we pray good things for tomorrow. It is an endless cycle we have to cycle. To me, I don’t think it is wrong to pick up all the good beliefs in any religion. Because in the end, there is only one God.



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