The Best of You

Remind me how does being in your best state feels like? Waking up feeling great being in your own skin? Excited to face the day? Internally grateful? Because right now, I feel like I am at my worst self. I am losing my patience, my conscious, my common senses, my kindness and most goods I […]

Episode 1 : Great Advises Anyone?

Have you ever walked in a coffee place, trying to comfort yourself and struggling to look as cool and professional as anyone else in the area? Although they’re playing good songs, you still pull out your earphone just because, you’re trying to deafen yourself from listening to everybody else’s laughter. You get paranoid because you […]

So How’s Life?

So, how’s life? Did you often meet your friends who you have not seen in a while and got the question “So How’s Life”? And you’re just stunt there for 3 or 5 seconds before you break the silence and started to go “uhh emm Like that la” Well what if i ask you how […]